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These are questions asked by Edy2018

Hi experts,

I have an equation. I tried to use subs command to substitute x with complex number p+iq in this equation and then separate the Re and Im part of the equation, but it does not work.

How can I do this?

How can I plot the Re and Im part of the equation vs y for some different parameters?




I have three equations in terms of the following variables:

X,Y,X1, X2

How do I get an equation in terms of (X1,X2)  with Maple from Equations 1-3?



I want to solve an equation(see the attached file) numerically, find  values of M that satisfy this equation and then plot the curve of M versus sigmai for those values of M that satisfy the mentioned equation. How can I do that with Maple?




I need to plot a contour plots of x versus f that satisfy two following equations

2.884460657-2.884460657*sqrt(1-.6933705250*x)-5.000000000*f*(1-(1-.8*x)^.2500000000)-(12.50000000*(1-f))*(1-(1-.32*x)^.2500000000) = 0;

1/sqrt(1-.6933705250*x)+1.250000000*f/(1-.8*x)^.7500000000+(3.125000000*(1-f))/(1-.32*x)^.7500000000 = 0

How can I do that by Maple?

If the coefficient of x can be changed from 0.1 to 0.6, what is your suggestion(s) to  repeat the above process for each of these coefficients?  


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