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Does anybody know whether Optimization[Minimize] is the equivalent of matlab's "fminsearch"? If it is, then it will save me from having to move all my project work away from Maple =) Elaine
Is there an easy way to do numerical differentiation in Maple? I have a set of data, but would like to try differentiating numerically rather than fitting the data to a curve first. Thanks
Just a short question - I tried isolating U(t) below. The paper I got this from didn't give what U would be, but there shouldn't be an imaginary part - I forget what command/assumptions to use in order to get rid of it. I've attached the rest of my worksheet in case anyone wants to see it - the parameters I used in param1 were given in the paper.

Maple Equation

e1 := 30 = (0.19e-1*exp(2.5588*U(t))+0.518e-1*exp(2.6788*U(t)))*U(t);

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