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I have gone through all the maple videos that are linked to from the Maple Software, and was just wondering if anyone knows of any other places on the net where i can get maple videos, for free or paid?

I have learnt ten times more watching the videos than i did when using a book.

I still get stuck, but then i just come on here and ask.


Thanks All


How would i go about modelling the Least Square Fitting Approach in maple?

I am concentrating on a 3x3 to a 5x5 grid rather than infinate.

the formula is

y = C  + Dt

I know the least fitting approach then goes into inversiting the matrix, or something, but i dont understand the math model which is why i want to model it in Maple.

Thanks for any help


I need to get maple to calculate y = mx+c from  a two given vectors.

I need to use the two given vectors to calculate m of the slope. But i am stuck as i cant calculate c.

I think the American Formula is y = mx + b

c is the Y axis intercept.

As far as i am aware m = diff of x / diff of y?

I was thinking i could use linear algebra to solve the formula. but there are two unknowns, y and c, so not sure how to go about this on.

Any help appreciated. Thanks


I am haveing one or two issues with vectors.

I am trying to calculate the Angle.

The angle is between

a = s -d -f

b = 3s + d

and then the unit vector which lies perpendicular to a and b


To figure to angle out would you use

cos(theta) = a.b / ( |a| * |b| )

Am i way off or am i close?



I have been playing around with vectors, and have managed to do all the usual mathmatical things with them, except for this.

How do i figure the value for |a|

I have vectors a, b, c.

I have tried help, and google, but cant seem to find out how to find |a|

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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