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These are questions asked by Euclid

how to convert the vertical output to horizontal,and how to cite the result.


 for n to 20 do evalf(f(n)) end do;

here is a simple expamle,but it's not a game.

And the computer's AI can be developed.

If anyone know should use which programming language,I know C,C++,matlab,mathematica,

and what's that I should learn?


00:00:10,980 --> 00:00:12,780
it will not have gone though both slits.

> Why these spineness appeared in some certain value?for example

> But if x is not the value +-1.5,it doesnt appear.

The topic maybe not so rigor.


For example,here are four complex numbers.

B ={3/13 - (2 I)/13, 3/2 - (5 I)/2, -(7/2) - 13 I, 1 - 3 I}

List B can be easily manipulate like this in mathematica,


In[31]:= Re[A]
Out[31]= {3/13,3/2,-(7/2),1}
In[32]:= Im[A]
Out[32]= {-(2/13),-(5/2),-13,-3}

and in maple,I creat the array like this:

n := (a, b, c, d)

a,b,c,d are the four elements corresponding  to List B above.


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