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Dear power users, I have a probably trivial question. How can I import the attached file in Maple? The file consists of a header part with below the header two columns with data. The file coming from a measuring device has no extension and I could not upload it to the forum as it was considered a null file. In order to solve this I gave it a .txt extension but keep in mind that this normally is not present.

Additional question: if the file would have several headers each time followed by 2 data columns, is there an easy way to separate them in a sort of automatic manner?


I take the liberty to rephrase my previous question as I believe the title was not very clear and so maybe some power users did not look at it. I am making the transition from Mathcad towards Maple and get stuck solving the equation in the attached worksheet. In mathcad I would solve it like this:

How can I achieve results in Maple? I know it is a very powerful program but for me the learning curve is at this moment quite steep. Any help would be very much appreciated.


First of all I would like to wish all of you a happy, prosperous but especially healthy 2023! I have again a beginner question. Why is test2 not working in the attached document?

Thank you so much for your assistance!


As a newbie I am still trying to learn Maple. I was wondering whether it is possible to import this txt file 2011068_2_ex.txt which contains results of different measurements separated by a header. I would like to import the data for each measurement without the header and to extract some data from the header. Is this possible in Maple and what should be the best method for doing so? What I would like to obtain at the end is Extracted_from_the_header.txt and raw data for the 4 measurements.

Thank you in advance for all help.

Dear power users, could someone be so kind to help me out with this file and give me some explanation on what I did wrong?

QuestionMaplePrimes.mw Thank you for you time and help

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