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I have matrix C: C:= matrix([[a,b,c],[d,e,f],[g,h,i]])=7; and want to find the determinant of matrix K. K:=matrix([[a+d,b+e,c+f],[d,e,f],[g,h,i]]); How do I do this? Im not very familiar with the linalg-package in Maple so I need help.
I need help to solve this problem in maple. :) "Use as many columns of matrix A as possible to construct a matrix B, with the property that the equation Bx=0 has only the trivial solution. Solve Bx=0 to verify you work.." Martix A: A:=matrix([[8,-3,0,-7,2],[-9,4,5,11,-7],[6,-2,2,-4,4],[5,-]]);
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