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Can anyone known of or recommend a program fro converting Mathematica notebooks or files etc., into Maple worksheets

I am currently using Maple to deconvolute gamma ray spectra, using Howards method of finite extent and non-negativity. Although this method does work well, I would like to try deconvoluting these spectra using the method of maximum entropy., Unfortunately however, I am having considerable difficulty in finding the necessary information, that would enable me to develope a worksheet to perform this task. As a result of this, I would to hear from anyone who has any experience of this method of deconvolution.

I am trying to compare the speed of a program run using the Maple interpreter, with that of the same program writen in say Fortran or Pascal and then compiled and run on the same PC. I have done this using an FFT program and have obtained a figure of approximately 840 : 1, which is much larger than the factor of 10 or so, that I expected. Does any one have either any comments about this, or perhaps any benchmarks of there own

In a previous post  I asked what happend to the Casio PDA that could run a special version of Maple V, as I am interested in purchasing "something" that would provided symbolic capability in a portable format. As it appears that this particular Maple project died a horrible death, I am still searching for this particular mathematical nervana. One possibility is to use a netbook with Maple V, or a CAS calculator such as the HP 50g or the TI voyager. So I am interested hearing of anyones experiences/recommendations with any of these devices.

Does anyone know what happend to the version of Maple that would run on a Casio PDA? Is it still possible to obtain this software, and is there any PDA that will actually run it?

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