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I'm using maple to optimize a certain problem. I have two matrices, A and B both of size m by n. Now I want to maximize alpha(a scalar) such that Bx>=alpha*Ax for arbitrary x. So I gave maple the following problem: input:=evalm(A&*X): > output:=evalm(B&*X): > for i from 1 to m do > constraint[i]:=output[i]-alpha*input[i]>=0; > od: > Constraints:=seq(constraint[i],i=1..m); > sumconstraint:=add(x[i],i=1..n)>=10; oplos:=NLPSolve(alpha,{Constraints,somconstraint},maximize=true,assume=nonnegative); My problem is that maple sometimes can't come up with an answer and tells me:
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