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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem. I have a procedure AAP:=proc(A, titel) local a,b,c,d; a:=A; b:=[solve(t^3-a=0,a)]; c:= (z-L[1])*(z-op(2,L))*(z-op(3,L)): plot3d(pol(0), dsc(2), hsv( carg(F),1,1),ori,nweb,grid=[100,100], title=titel) end proc: for j from 1 to 8 do AAP(j,Figure j+1) end do;
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me recreate the picture found on Thank you in advance, Herman
Hello I was wondering how to generate bitstrings of length n that do not contain two consecutives ones. So far i have the following bitstring := x[i]; for i to 5 do bitstring := [op(bitstring), rand(2)()]; if x[i] = 1 then x[i+1] = 0 else x[i+1] = rand(2)() end if end do; bitstring there are two problems with this: (1) this is not from 1 to n (and i don't know how to specify this) (2) It produces strings which do have consecutive ones. Thank you in advance any help, Herman
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