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Hi, I want to animate the motion of an electrond around a negative-source electric field. The trajectory would be iperbolic, however I've encountered one problem: I have to compose the movemente with 4 different animate pointplot3d, and they all start at a certain point at the same time and end in another at the same time. Can I make it so that they all start when another one has finished and only the moving one is shown?

animate(pointplot3d, [[A, sqrt(A^2 - 1), 0], symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 15, color = "Blue"], A = 1 .. 3), 
pointplot3d([0, 0, 0], symbol = solidsphere, color = "Blue", symbolsize = 15), 
animate(pointplot3d, [[-A, -sqrt(-1 + (-A)^2), 0], symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 15, color = "Blue"], A = -3 .. -1), 
animate(pointplot3d, [[A, 3*sqrt(2)/4*A - sqrt(2)/4, 0], symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 15, color = "Blue"], A = 3 .. 6), 
animate(pointplot3d, [[-A, 3*sqrt(2)/4*A - sqrt(2)/4, 0], symbol = solidsphere, symbolsize = 15, color = "Blue"], A = -6 .. -3), 
implicitplot3d(x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 17, x = -6 .. 6, y = -10 .. 10, z = -10 .. 10, color = "Green", style = wireframe), 
scaling = constrained)

This is the code I've come up with, the blue still point is the elctron which powers the field, the moving blue point (there are 4 of them but all represent the same thing) is the moving electron and the green ball is a representation of the electric field.

Edit: I'll use the code for interactive components.

Thanks in advance to everyone!


Hello everyone. I took part in a project in which we had to solve problems with Maple 2015. The managers gave us a permanent license. However recently I had trouble on my computer and now Maple doesn't work anymore because it somehow lost the license. The project ended last year, so I can't really ask them anymore. Is there any way to get the license working again? I checked on the site but didn't found anything useful and I'd really need it for the final exam of the last year of high school...

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone! Currently I'm studying magnetism, and I was thinking that maybe seeing represented the helix movement of an atom with a vector v parallel to the Magnetic Field B subject to the Force of Lorentz and the Hysteresis cycle created in the magnetazation of a ferromagnetic material could help me understand it more. I tried to create the plots in Maple 2015 but I couldn't.. anyone can help me by creating those two plots?


I wanted to create a group of interactive components that, when given an eqaution in a math container of an ellepses (in the form of ((x/A)^2)+((y/B)^2)=1) would pick A and B and give back two formulas of the type



So, is there a way to extract A and B from the initial formula?

Hello everyone! I was trying to draw a circle point by point using animate, but there's a catch: I'd like it to be created in front of the user, that is seeing every point being drawn in sequence.

Like this, but with the point leaving a trail behind him.

Can anyone help?

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