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I have the following function:

y(t) = _C1*exp(-2*t)*sin(6*t)+_C2*exp(-2*t)*cos(6*t)

My start parameters are y(0)=1, and y'(0)=2

How do I isolate _C1 when y(0)=1?


Thanks in advance

Hello peeps, In some of my calculations, I need to find and answer that is greater than or not equal to a certain value.... for example differentiate a function which gives x=-2 & x=3, if I now wish to define has to be x>0, how would I incorporate that into my maple command? Thanks in advance
Hi, I am trying to find out how to plot a vector function. I have the following vectorfunction: ([t^2-3],[1/2*t^2+2*t+1]) How do I plot this vector in maple? Thanks in advance
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