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if three particles set into 3 energy states ( each values of energy states 0 , e, 2e)





how to calculate P in each configuration by a particle that follows boson and f-b




thank you

sorry, i`m learning of thermaldynamics and want to make a graph of that x-axis  is number of spin-up and y-aixs is number of configuraions when there are atoms could only have spin-up and down.


if the atoms are 10, what is the formular in maple 17

how about 100 ?


please let me know, thank you


This command (Student[Calculus1][ShowSolution](Int(e^(-(s-1)*t)))) shows me solutions.

and, the command in the picture can make integral solution but not laplace

so i ask you that what command make solutions for Laplace transform

i try to calculate function f on laplace and want to know the way tha how to be it calculated

what commands show it?

i dont know what`s wrong with it help me guys

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