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Mac w OS X, 10.4.6, 3.06 GHz Intel Duo with 4GB RAM, Maple14 Student

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I have downloaded and unzipped a student version of Maple 14. When I click on the icon named, it flashes and nothing happens. What now?

Mac w OS X, 10.4.6, 3.06 GHz Intel Duo with 4GB RAM.

I've been at it a year, but this is my first attempt to write and use a package. I wrote a module with an exported package and tested it within the worksheet in which I wrote it. I defined the file path with _liblist and both the binary and the source file appeared where I wanted them. I cut and pasted the same path information in attempting to load the program. So I am wondering why it didn't load. I'm using Maple 10.03 on OS X 10.3.9. ********************************************** file "MyMatrices" ********************************************** MyMatrices := module() description "routines for matrices";
How can one set math as the default input mode for a worksheet when using Maple Input notation? I find that creating a new execution group always puts me back in text mode. Of course, I fail to notice this and enter math expressions with annoying results. 2-D Input Notation will remain in math mode. I am using OS X (10.3.9).
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