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I selected the whole document and expanded the document blocks. There near the top of the document were nine copies of "plots[interactive]()" all in a row. Deleting them fixed the problem. Seldom is a fix so easy. Many thanks.

Since doing the upgrade for Maple 10.05 (build ID 235106) I have experienced long delays after scrolling in addition to kernel connection problems I described in a previous post. With a 2 page file in document format, I get a delay of over 1.5 minutes after scrolling up the page. This has rendered my copy of Maple unusable in document format. Has no one else experienced these problems? Is there a fix or a way to return to the previous version of Maple?
Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest upgrade to Maple 10.05 for OS X. Today I find that I can open two worksheet sessions, but not a third. Opening a third file takes ages (approx. 30 sec) and when I try to execute the file, I get the message "Waiting for kernel connection." This behavior is consistent over several tries. I have a Power PC with 1 GB SD RAM. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
It would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for superscripting and subscripting in text mode like those of math mode in Document format. (Maple 10.03, OS X 10.3.9)
It would be helpful to have a tool bar, menu, or list of links for selecting another forum from within a forum. The current structure requires the extra step of returning to the forum list.
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