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Is it possible to have a Plot Component in a Maplet?

I would like to include a plot in a Maplet that can be changed using some continuous action, like what you can do with a Plot Component in a worksheet by dragging the curser over the plot region.

In a similar way: Is it possible to have a slider with a continuous action in a Maplet, like the Slider Component in a Worksheet?

I would like to accesse the value of a slider in a Maplet, and use it in a computation in a procedure.

My problem is that using Get(Slider1) does not give me a real number to work with. What kind of object is the value of Slider1, and how do I convert it into a real number?

How do I create an exptression with absolutely no evaluation?

I would like my students to practice the order of operations, so I want to be able to display an expression without evaluation of any of the operations involved. Is this possible somehow?

In a Maplet, how do I access an expression entered into a MathMLEditor to use as a Maple expression (to plot, evaluate, simplify etc.)?

How do I change the size of a plot? For instance, how do I make a plot fill an entire page?

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