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I have a system of 3 equations in four variables (x, y, s, t) that I would like to solve (numerically).  I would like to obtain a plot in 2 dimensions (x,y) of the curve of solutions. I'm not so bothered about what the corresponding (s,t) values are.  The equations are huge, taking up many screens worth and of very high degree.  What is the best way in Maple to solve / draw the plot numerically?

Is there a way to display the list of coordinates for implicitplot and plot, rather than the displaying image itself?

In Maple Classic this happens automatically when the assignment operator is used  ( := ) together with a semi-colon, eg.   A:=implicitplot(F, x=-1..1, y=-1..1);

But is there a way to do this in the non-classic version?  Thanks very much.


- Graham

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