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Thank you for a quick responce.

I had no idear that the order of assignmentes is important!

I can understand that, if I define A as 'a' times 'b', and THEN assigning 'a' to a new value, then the value of A is updated.

That makes sense.

However, i Maple 2020, and 2019, 2008, ... I have not observed that the order were important? Therefore the confusion. It should be 100% clear what is happining, I have to tell the students that if they write ... then it works, and if it dosn't work, explain why.


Her is another example:

First I define a as sin(10).
Then I define A as 3 times a.
Then I type 'A', then option+Enter (mac). Answer is correct 3*sin(10).

I then redefine a as sin(20).
I type 'A', then option+Enter. Answer incorrekt, still 3*sin(10).
Last I check the value of a: Is is sin(20).

Even using 'option+Enter' on result dosn't work, even using ! or !!! dosn't work.

Same situation using worksheet. Something have changes, something is not working.

Thank you for a response.

Yes, the document is nothing more than the four lines, just to show the problem.

I am teaching in math, and the problem is that now I have to tell the students that sometimes a line with math is executeted when pressing Enter on that line, sometimes nothing happens, sometime there is no response when pressing Enter. Can you see the frustration with 30 students in a class, learning math and learning to use Maple?

Everything worked fine in Maple 2020 !!!

If there isn't a workaround (not using the ! or the !!!), then is is a obvious error.


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