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Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe it's just a new feature?

I have just installed Maple 2021 on Mac.

A simple sheet, using simplify-simplify to get units right.

Sometimes Maple doesn't update result when pressing Enter.

Sometimes Maple doesn't give any result when pressing Enter.

First everything ok:

Then I change a to 5 m. Pressing Enter on all three lines gives:

The value of A is not updated.

If I then delete the 'simplify 9 m^2' and presses Enter on the line with A:=a*b, there is no output?

Pressing Enter on blue line, no output.


I defined x(t) and y(t) with units; motion in gravity, motion in y-direction with constant velocity, motion in x-direction as motion with constant acceleration.

x := t -> 10*Unit(('m')/'s'^2)*t^2;

y := t -> 50*Unit(('m')/('s'))*t;

plot([x(t), y(t), t = 0*Unit('s') .. 5*Unit('s')]);

Error, (in plot) invalid terms in product: 0 .. 5*Units:-Unit(s)

It works fine if I remove the units.

Also I can plot graph for x(t) and for y(t) with units, but not graph for [x(t), y(t)]

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