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Hi how do I de-assign a variable? Say I have put A:= 3 sin(x)+2 And find that opps it should have been cos(x), not sin(x).

Have atached a question in a worksheet. Thanks for your help :-)



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Hi, have attached a worksheet with some question that I don’t know how to solve in maple. Yours Gustav Hjertén

Hi how to calculate improper integrals with the tutors and (if possible) showing the procedure step by step? Let’s take my homework as an example. Calculate: > int(1/((1+x^2)*(1+4*x^2)), x = 0 .. infinity);  

Hi, this is the first time I use this forum. Please let me know if my questions already have been gone throw. Today I have two simple questions: 1.       How to conduct polynomial division in a fast, easy and clickable way?

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