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How do I work with polynomials over finite fields?  not just the integers mod p but over  https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=GF

So what is the Maple equivalent of  functions/scripts?   and how do I call them?   like I have define the function f in the worksheet (in a code edit region) , but f(2)  just returns f(2)  no function evaluation.  

p.s. can someone recommend a guide on programming in maple?  Like writing and calling functions not   their standard programming guide which is long winded and not helpful.


How do I compute the gcd of polynomials with scalars e.g. how to compute gcd (x^9-a, bx^6-c )  as polynomials in x.   https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=Task/GCDofPolynomials   here I don't see how to specify the polynomials are in x.

I didn't understand what the page on implicit differentiation meant by 2nd derivatives are just like in using diff    Like this  implicitdiff(y^2 = x^3+a*x+b, y, x, [x$n]) ??  idk 

How to change default directory for Maple 2019?

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