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These are questions asked by Ham


logic := a &xor b

Then I get 'Error, invalid neutral operator'.

However the other &xxx operators in Logic do not error.

What am I doing wrong, or is it a bug?

the standard xor operator does work though.

I do remember copy and pasting

thoughts and answers please. At the moment I have resorted to the form without the '&'


How do I create a timing diagram simular to

Image result for timing diagram

I do the following:-


2. TTdf := TruthTable(logic, form = MOD2)

I have tried the statistics package and the timing package. The problem is I get something like

Convert to matrix and add first column to indicate time, e.g 

Where we get an angle rise instead of a vertical rise.

I have also tried it in statistics. The best graph I can get is 

Also tried with no fill and with boarder around the columns, but still cannot get it to look right.

Help much appreciated. Really the Timing Graph should really be available in the Logic Package

Really I want to be able to split the Dataframe into seperate line graphs with a vertical rise and not a angle rise.

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S I am still learning Maple. I have Maple 2018

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