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Thanks a lot, Now, I need to solve the following boundary value problem: ODE := y(f)*(diff(y(f), f, f))+.1071428572*(1-f)^.5*(1-f^1.428571429)^1.4*(1-(1-f^1.428571429)^.7)^2/((1/f^1.428571429-1)^.7*f^1.928571429*(f^.5*(1-(1-f^1.428571429)^.7)^2+(1-f)^.5*(1-f^1.428571429)^1.4)) = 0 Subject to boundary conditions: BC:= (D(y))(.5) = 0, y(0) = 0 I used Shooting method suggested by Alex but I can not find the solution. I got : Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further left of .16008695e-6, probably a singularity Error, (in unknown) cannot evaluate the solution further left of 0.16008695e-6, probably a singularity Can someone please tell me what I can do. Thanks, http://maplenet.maplesoft.com/maplenet/worksheet/mapleprimes/4384_problem2.mw
Thanks, I can see the plot not the value in each point. I used "subs" it says : Error, invalid input: subs received S, which is not valid for its 1st argument Can you tell me how to get this? http://maplenet.maplesoft.com/maplenet/worksheet/mapleprimes/4384_problem1.mw
Thanks a lot, One more question: How can I print (on screen) both "y(f)" (solution of ODE) and "D(y)(f)" for different "f" values separately? Cheers,
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