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I need to solve the Bending Vibration of Euler-Bernouli Beam Problem and I keep getting stuck. I start with a fairly straight forward fourth order differential eq. Using the dsolve command gives me the general solution


Maple insist on using e^(x)+e^(-x) instead on sinh and cosh - but it's the same. So far so good.

My specific problem is a clamped-pinned beam of length l - so my boundary conditions are (correct me if I'm wrong here):

In the clamped end at x=0: Y(0)=0, Y'(0)=0

In the pinned end at x=l: Y(L)=0, Y''(0)=0

Using both the dsolve(ode,ics) and a dsolve(ode) and then solve(ics) both results in the trivial solution Y(x)=0 - which is wrong - I know there is a tan(a*l)-tanh(a*l) solution.

To get a easier and well documented example to solve by hand, I also tried with a simply supported beam. Boundary conditions are then:



Same result - only the trivial solution Y(x)=0 and If you solve it by hand you get a sin(a*l) solution.


What am I doing wrong? Is it syntax error on my part or what?


I have attached both my maple doc and a pdf with a walkthrough of the correct solution.

Beam_vibration.mw Transverse_vibration_of_beams.pdf


Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards




I'm doing some calculation reports in maple. These reports are to be submitted to various classification societies - which all have different requirements to the calculations.

I would like to make a report, where the class specific calculations would be append based on a selection of class in the main calculation.

How do I do this?


If I was using latex, matlab, APDL or something like that, I would do and *IF Class=class1, *INPUT class.calc, *ENDIF, but how to do this in maple?

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