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I miss some familiar features from the classicalö worksheet in the standard worksheet, especially things like "find/replace" in 2D-math expressions, undo for mathematical operations.

It will be very convenient if the worksheet automatic jump to the position that the cursor is in the middle of the screen if you reach the bottom. It is very unconvenient now. If I execute some existing worksheet step by step and I reach the bottom I can only see the half of the input, or if there is a loop I only see the first line.

Sometimes I only want to see the plot with varying axes formation, for example with logarithmic scale. But I don't want to change the style really. So it will be nice if the style goes back to the old style if I click on "Cancel":

Click on the plot to "plot-axes-properties",
change something,
click: "Apply",
click: "Cancel"

=> everything is like before the changing


The startup code and the code edit regions are very nice things. Perhaps it is possible to enable import and export to and from it from and to files. And it will be nice if one can mark up some reagon in a worksheet and the choose something like "convert to code edit region" from the context menu.

Further "Find" and "Replace" in startup code and code edit regions will be very helpful.

Last not least: Perhaps it is possible to convert the startup code and the code edit region in 2D-math formation?

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