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These are questions asked by Higgsino

Hi everybody,

during testing the physics package I tried the following example


Setup(anticommutativeprefix = {Q});

G:= Intc(Q1(x),Q2(y),x,y);


The output of the last command seems to be wrong. The Maple Help does not say anything about functional derivatives with respect to anti commuting functions.

Is there a possibility to perform such functional derivatives with respect to anti commuting functions in Maple?...


somehow Maple does not integrate a procedure in the correct way. And I don't know why. Could you please help?

This procedure creates a matrix of a special form


local p,i,j,m,off,eps:  

if n<6 then print("n greater 6"): return: end if:  

if (n mod 4)<>2 then print("n has to be n (mod 4) = 2 "): return: end if:  

eps:=proc(m,A,Lambda,k) (k+m*Lambda*2)^2+A/2 end proc:  


where can I look up, how Maple calculate the function MathieuExponent. By how I mean, which algorithm is used by Maple and how is it implemented,


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