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Maple 13:


x=solve(%,x); yields with c<>0:


Is this an error? The solution is the same in each case - it is independent of c. I would expect x as solution of t=LambertW(c).

Mathematica 7.0 says correctly: "The equations appear to involve the variables to be solved for in an essentially non-algebraic way."

Is this bug corrected in higher versions of Maple?


I have a list of graphs made correctly with the package GraphTheory: g=[g[1],g[2],g[3]], where g[1], g[2] and g[3] are graph objects. GraphTheory[DrawGraph] inside a for-loop doesn't work. GraphTheory[DrawGraph](g) draws all graphs simultaneously. How can I draw the single graphs of the list successively when the number of members in g is a variable?


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