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I try to calculate a contour integral(in fact it is the contour integral defined in the principle argument theorem) with a function that was given in my earlier entry here


I try to use this f in this contour integral as:


g:=(diff(f(phi(t)),t)/f(phi(t))) * diff(phi(t),t);

here I give f ` (z)/f(z) is g. And


Hi all,

I was wondering how I would introduce the generalized hypergeometric function command in maple ? This is  like HypergeometricPFQ[ {{1 - \[Nu]/2}, {1}, {1, -(\[Nu]/2)}}, {{2, 3/2}, {}, {1 - \[Nu]/2}}, z^2/2, z^2/2]  in Mathematica but when I try to give it in maple I get error messages...



I`m a new Maple-user and I have some troubles with finding real zeros of a complex function/equation. Suppose that I have let me say CylinderD(n,a)*CylinderD(n,I*a)+exp(I*n*Pi/2)=0 , where a =2.0 and I=sqrt(-1)  and I want to find out the real zeros for this equation. I can count the zeros by using Rouche theorem and argument principle but I need more. Also, I tried to find the roots of a function CylinderD(n,I*a) by using maple and I couldn`t obtain it. Do you have an idea ? Thank you for your help.

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