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Hi i am having difficulty converting a text file consisting of words into ascii code. using maple and vice versa.
I dont know how to.

My notepad text is  "(testing)" and i wanted maple to show me "testing"  in ascii code but i just dnt knw how to get it to do it.

Can someone please help me i would be very gratefull

Thank u


Hi can someone please help me . My program gives me the correct solution but it crashes afterwards. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with the program please.


I am having a problem with my loop. It only gives me one result.

In this program when i enter the initial values [B,C] it works and gives me an approximation. It then askes me if i want to find another root when i press "Y", it asks for the new values but when i insert the new values it does not evaluate them. It returns the previous result.

Hi can anyone help me with this error please.

I don't knw wot it means or how to solve it:

Error, (in fprintf) integer expected for integer format

I gt the error for this line of code:

printf("No Roots Between The Interval %d \n",[a,b]);

Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me what code i have to program the Bisection Method. I can't seem to get the while loop to work. it only gives me the first iteration and stops. Here is what i have done


f:=x ->x^3-x-8:

while sign(f(b)) <> sign(f(c)) do
if (f(b)*f(c)) > 0 then
c:=(a + b)/2
end if:
end do;

I just can't get it to work.

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