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From a Maple perspective: I first started using it in 1985 (it was Maple 4.0, but I still have a Maple 3.3 manual!).  Worked as a Maple tutor in 1987.  Joined the company in 1991 as the sole GUI developer and wrote the first Windows version of Maple (for Windows 3.0).  Founded the Math group in 1992.  Worked remotely from France (still in Math, hosted by the ALGO project) from fall 1993 to summer 1996 where I did my PhD in dynamics in Orsay.  Soon after I returned to Ontario, I became the Manager of the Math Group, which I grew from 2 people to 12 in 2.5 years.  Got "promoted" into project management (for Maple 6, the last of the releases which allowed a lot of backward incompatibilities, aka the last time that design mistakes from the past were allowed to be fixed), and then moved on to an ill-fated web project (it was 1999 after all).  After that, worked as on coordinating the output from the (many!) research labs Maplesoft then worked with, as well as some Maple design and coding (inert form, the box model for Maplets, some aspects of MathML, context menus, a prototype compiler, and more), as well as some of the initial work on MapleNet.  In 2002, an opportunity came up for a faculty position, which I took.  After many years of being confronted with Maple weaknesses, I got a number of ideas of how I would go about 'doing better' -- but these ideas required a radical change of architecture, which I could not do within Maplesoft.  I have been working on producing a 'better' system ever since.

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Mike Kucera and I are happy to announce the availability of MapleMIX, a partial evaluator for Maple. Partial evaluation (PE) is a program transformation technique that uses a subset of the inputs to a program to generate a specialized version of the program that will then accept the rest of the inputs. With PE it is possible to write algorithms in a highly general and abstracted form, and then automatically extract optimized versions of the algorithm specialized for certain inputs.

Some time ago, I had a blog post about a compendium of inequalities,  Some people took a look and found problems in that paper.  So I took the time to track down the author and point him to the mapleprimes page.

He got back to me some time later, thanking me for pointing out the errors.  But in the same email, he pointed me to 2 other papers, http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/0707.2098 and http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/0707.2584 which contain (interesting?) conjectures which seem amenable to Maple exploration. I meant to look at these myself, but it has now become clear that I won't for quite some time yet. Perhaps these will pique the curiosity of some MaplePrimes member.

Could MaplePrimes be made a little more robust?  It seems that roughly once a month I get a Drupal error all weekend instead of access to MaplePrimes.  I frequently have more time on the weekend to answer some questions, so it is the community that loses when the site is down... 

This has now happened frequently enough that clearly there is a systemic problem in the infrastructure, and it would be nice to know that it is being investigated and fixed.

It is not every day that a venerable and wide-ranging standard such as IEEE-754 gets an update!  IEEE 754 dates from 1985 (that was the year it was approved, the actual work started years before).  Wikipedia has a nice summary of the changes.

Of course now inquiring minds want to know: will Maple 13 by IEEE-754-2008 compliant? [For all I know, it might already be most of the way there, with only minor tweaks necessary].

GMP is now deeply integrated into Maple - which I consider to be a good thing.  But it appears that compiler writers are doing a bad job (see the first paragraph on GMP's home page)  In other words, unless you carefully make sure that you have compile GMP properly, it is entirely possible that you end up with a buggy library.  Very scary stuff.

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