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I have a simple acceleration/position problem that I can't figure out how to use piecewise to put into Maple --- can anyone assist?

In Maple 11, the expression pallette has the following availble for click and insert:

{-x   x<a

{x   a<x

This above is combined in a single brace. I would like to add a third line to the single brace set, but I can not figure out how to do this. I tried using the piecewise command and converting it to 2D but it errors out:

 piecewise(x < -1, x^3,-1 < x <1, x,x >= 1, 1-x)

Error, unexpected relational operator


Can one of you Maple Gurus' help?



I am brand new to Maple and am having difficulty with the syntax for entering an equation and plotting.

Can anyone assist me with the syntax for the following (the equation syntax and plot syntax):

Given that the slope of a line is -3 and passes through the point (1,4), find the equation of the line in slope- intercept form and plot the line.


I have already worked the problem by hand; x=2.333, y=7 and I need to plot the line through points 1,4.

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