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Hi, The Trainig video "Using Embedded Components with Maple 11" provides an example using a Button component, a Mathematical Expression component and a Plot component. Since the training video uses Maple 11, the commands in the Button component to get a function entered in the Mathematical Expression component displayed in the Plot component are not applicable if one has Maple 10. I have tried this example with Maple 10 using the SetProperty and GetProperty commands but cannot get this example to work. The command programmed in the "Action when cliked" filed of the button is as follows:
I have solve the Legendre equation (1-x^2)y''-2xy'+alpha(alpha+1)y=0. The solutions are: y1=1-alpha(alpha+1)x^2/2! +alpha(alpha-2)(alpha+1)(alpha+3)x^4/4! +sum{(-1)^m [(alpha-1)...(alpha-2m+2)][(alpha+2)...(alpha+2m-1)]x^2m/(2m)!} y2=x-(alpha-1)(alpha+2)x^3/3!+(alpha-1)(alpha-3)(alpha+2)(alpha+4)x^5/5!+sum{(-1)^m[(alpha-1)...(alpha-2m+1][(alpha+2)...(alpha+2m)]x^2m+1/(2m)!} I tried to obtain a Legendre polynomial, say P5(x), with Maple'sum function by plugging in the general expression but I do not obtain the correct answer. Can someone indicate how this can be done. Thank you kindly.
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