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I already was explained that with maple is difficult to obtain the CDF of CharacteristicFunction of Z= (y1)^(1/2)+log((40-y2)*(80+2*y2-3y1))? where y1 = min(s1+X1, s2+X2) y2 = min(s3+X1, s4+X2) and Xi is IID uniforme[-1,1]. But .. could someone help me with some bibliographical references to deal with my problem?. It would help me to understand better and if possible to modify my formulation. Thanks in advance! Jean (I am using maple 10 under windows).
Hello again Maple experts, I have four nonstochastic variables s11, s12,s21,s22.. from there I have 2 random variables X1 and X2 (to begin, it may be a uniform distribution U[-1,1]) . I generate the random variables y1 and y2: y1 = min(s11+X1, s21+X2) y2 = min(s12+X1, s22+X2) 1. How could I obtain with MAPLE the distribution of Z= (y1)^(1/2)+log((40-y2)*(80+2*y2-3y1))? 2. And how could I obtain the expected value of Z? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Jean
Assuming that I have the following row1 = a, b, c row2 = a, b, c row3 = b, c , a I would like to obtain for each column the frequencies: column1 a: 2, b: 1, c:0 column2 a:0, b:2, c: 1 column3 a:1, b:0, c:2 How could I do it with maple? Do I need to use some package? Thanks in advance, Jean
Good morning Maple experts, When I use FromMma() to the following expression: Test1 := ( T = {1, 2, 3}; Clear[v]; v[{}] = 0; v[{1}] = 1; v[{2}] = 2; v[{3}] = 3; v[{1, 2}] = 4; v[{1, 3}] = 5; v[{2, 3}] = 6; v[T] = 19;) I got only Test1:=T:=[1,2,3] The function I used was FromMma(`Test1:=( T={1,2,3}; v[{}]=0; v[{1}]=1; v[{2}]=2;v[{3}]=3;v[{1,2}]=4;v[{1,3}]=5; v[{2,3}]=6; v[T]=19;)`); 1. Where is my mistake? 2. What are the equivalent expressions in MAPLE? .. How may I write it without using MmaTranslator? Many thanks for the help!
Hello Maple friends, I have a loop like this: A := array(1..10); for i from 1 to 10 do A[i]:= [ i, i^2, evalf(i^(1/3))]; end do; print(A); Nevertheless I dont know the following things: 1. How may I format in the way that in the third column of my array I see only 3 decimals? 2. As my matrix "A" is very big.. it is this the best way to avoid memory problems or there is some way to reduce this problem? Thanks in advance for any help! Jean
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