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Thank you. I did not know about the point plot option. That worked great. Once again, thanks. Jerry
That is it. Thank you, Jerry
This is the info I was given. I have done all the math, but I cannot get the graph, and maybe that is due to the fact that I don't know what to do. I know that is looks like a bar of soap with a hole in it because I have a graph of it on paper, but I was wanting to have one in maple. Thanks for your help with this. The surfaces of a double-lobed cam are modeled by the inequalities 1/4 <= r <= 1/[2(1+cos(th)^2)] and -9/[4(x^2+y^2+9)] <= z <= 9/[4(x^2+y^2+9)] where all measurements are in inches. Jerry W.
I am expection an object that would look like a bar of soap with a hole in it. I think the plot is the whole.
-9/(4*r^2+36) <= z and z <= 9/(4*r^2+36)
-9/(4*r^2+36) <= z and z <= 9/(4*r^2+36)
The way I understand it is that it is the/a plane that is both horizontal and tangent to the function @ some point.
J. Tarr, This helped. My main problem was with multiple plots. I could plot them both separate, but now I see how to import more than one function: use [f(h),f(g)]. Also, I will read about rhs. Ps. I was looking for the horizontal tangent plane, so eq2 was incorrect. That is an easy fix (z=-31/4). I should have been clearer. My apologies. Thanks for your help, Jerry W.
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