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I need to sketch a graph of a sail and indicate the location of the center of pressure. I'm semi new to maple, so if you could explain step by step, that would help me. Points (0,0),(2,1),(0,5) The lines would be y=-2x+5, y=0, & y=x/2 How do I get all three of them into one graph and only from ththe points? Also, how do I indicate the center of pressure which is (31/12,7/12) ? Thanks, Jerry
I can't seem to figure out how to plot the following in polar form. Can you help please. I'm semi new, so not to fast please. -9/(4*r^2+36)
How do I get maple 11 to graph the surface and the horizontal tangent plane (same graph). The function I am working with is z=3x^2+2y^2-3x+4y-5 the point would be (1/2,-1,-31/4) I am a new user, so if you could take it step by step, that would be very helpful. Thank you, Jerry
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