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I've managed to do it by using these commands;


I'm using XP and Maple TA 2.51.

I've used you're source but am still having the same problem, intead of displaying the matrix it adds another algorithm in. In this case it add $display = null and now instead of displaying the matrix I just get (n)(u)(l)(l). Ive tried deleting it but it just puts it back in! It seem as tho the command $display1 = maple("printf(MathML[ExportPresentation]($D)") doesn't work in an inline question. Did you get the same problem?

I'm using Maple TA 2.5.1 aswell.

Sorry about that, it should read:

I'vebeen able,in other types of questions to use the commands;

$D = maple("Matrix([[$eig1,0,0],[0,$eig2,0],[0,0,$eig2]])");

$display1 = maple("printf(MathML[ExportPresentation]($D))");

to display a matrix. However this doesn't seem to work in an inline question. I've also tried copying the htlm from the equation editor over and this doesn't work either. Does anyone know away around this problem?



Jim Hitchman

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