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I'm trying to create a maple graded question for working out if a students response is a correct eigenvector. I've been trying to get maple to solve AX = LX where A is a 2x2 matrix and X is a column vector.

I've tried the following commands and although they work in the algorithms they don't seem to work when used to grade the question. It there anyway around this problem? I think the problem is with the MatrixMatrixMultiply command.


I'm currently trying to write a matrix question. My problem is that the answer can take to forms. I can use a maple graded question to exect both answers but am having trouble when it comes to using a 'matrix; type question. It there a way to get the matrix question to accep the both answers or has it got to be done with a maple graded question.



ps below is the text file it needs to saved and then uploaded.




<p>If been able, in the other types of questions to use the commands;</p>

Is it possiable to create a matrix be setting the eigenvalues you wish to end up with?

I am trying to create a 3X3 random matrix with a set of repeated eigenvalues and was wondering is it's possible to set the eigenvalues and then generate  matrices for them.

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