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I am making good progress in getting Maple to do the simple tasks I need it to do, but there are a few things that I am unable to get looking the way I want. I have looked repeatedly for answers, but I have come up empty every time.

1. No Leading Zero: If I have a variable equal to 0.75, I want it to display as 0.75 not .75. This is not a problem when I do calculations, but when I, for example, display the value in a plot legend, I would like it to have a leading zero.

2. Scientific Notation Threshold: Is there a threshold defining when the display of a value changes from a regular decimal number to a number in scientific notation? For example, I have a number with a value of 0.0094, and I would like it to display (again, in a plot legend) as 0.0094, but it keeps coming out as .94e-2. Yes, it is the same value.

3. Scientific Notation Format: The number in #2 shows up as .94e-2, but it seems like it should be 9.4e-3. Am I missing something? It seems like I was always taught that the mantissa should be between 1 and 10, but Maple seems to want to give me a number between 0 and 1.




I have been looking for a solution to my problem since last night, but I have been unsuccessful. My problem is that the Column command is not recognized in some Maple worsheets. This problem might occur with other commands too, but most commands seem to work fine. It also only seems to happen in some (not all) worksheets. I just tried creating a new Maple sheet where all I do is create a 2x2 matrix and apply the Column command, but the command is not recognized.

Any ideas? Thanks.



I am transitioning from Mathcad to Maple, and I am currently working on some code to do a Gage R&R study using ANOVA. The attached math is from the 4th edition of the MSA manual. I got it to work in Mathcad, although I had to adjust things since Mathcad does not support 3D matrices.

My input matrix is a 2D matrix in which each cell contains a vector of measurements. In Maple, I seem to be able to make a 3D array with my data (if it is easier).

I have searched for a couple days for the right syntax. I am able to get the "right" number for SSA using my 2D Mathcad matrix--at least it is really close--but the other varibles are woefully off.

I would appreciate it if someone could at least point me in the right direction. Thanks.



I am just starting with Maple after using Mathcad for nearly 30 years. I want to recreate something I have used a lot in Mathcad: select certain rows in array based on a specified criterion. For example, I want to save just the rows that have a certain value in a certain column and save the new array for use later. I am slowly learning how to do it Maple--for instance, I learned that I need to change the variable printlevel if I want to get the output from nested loops. 

I currently have the following code:

k := 1;

rows := RowDimension(M);

for i to rows do

   if M[i, 3] = "A" then

      row(out, k) := row(M, i);

       k := k + 1;

   end if;

end do;


This doesn't seem to work, though. When I try to display out, I just get the name out instead a matrix of values.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me some idea of what I am doing wrong (with Maple, that is).



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