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HI everyone I have this excel spreedsheet ValeursB.xlsx and I know how to import Data in Maple. But What i don t know is how to tell to maple to use this data, to be able to make differents plots like you can see in the picture, i have shared. Your helps is very welcome.

Hi everyone,

I'm new with maple and i want to evaluate this expresssion :

f := x -> exp((-1)*0.13/x)[0.4700036292*`–`(0.3364722366, 1.2)] + exp(-1/x)[0.2135277634 + 0.528*x] + (-1)*0.528*x + 0.5420043550 = 0 ..

i Have try fsolve (f, x) but with no result..

I don't know if someone have a solution for that kind of problems..

thank in advance 

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