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Do not have a working activation code for Maple17.  Have these 2, but neither works.



I am running Ubuntu 18 (linux).


Tom Vawter

(John Vawter)


Is there a way to get Maple 16 into my linux menu (Linux Mint)?  My workaround has been to copy the Maple executable to the desktop.

None of these suggestions allow for the evaluation of the directional derivative at a particular point, in this case (1, -2, 3). (I cannot make the command line suggestion work at all - error: "expects its 2nd argument, v, to be of type ('Vector')(algebraic), but received [x, y, z]") Surely, evaluation can be done without an additional substitution statement. John Vawter
/Users/tvawter/Documents/Maple10 Work/Document Blocks.txt

I am unable to make the example on page 248 in the User Manual work. When I try to display the Document Block, nothing happens. The manual says "Select the output region..." I assume that means Maple Output. When I hit Toggle Input/Output Display in the View menu I get nothing. What am I missing here?

Tom Vawter
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