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Does anyone know how to perform maximum likelihood estimation in maple 10 or 11 with multiple unknown parameters? If pop100 is a vector of floats, then code like: MLE(LogNormal(mu, sigma), pop100) yields this error message: Error, (in Statistics:-MaximumLikelihoodEstimate) when calling '`one of {op, module () local OptionsTab; export FisherInformation, Information, Likelihood, LikelihoodRatioStatistic, LogLikelihood, MaximumLikelihoodEstimate, Score, GetValue, ProcessOptions; LogLikelihood := module () local OptionsTab; export ProcessOptions, MakeProc, GetValue; OptionsTab := table([(OptionParms)=(table([(samplesize)=[deduce, {posint, identical(deduce)}],(weights)=[Array(1..0, []), {rtable}],(ignore)=[false, {truefalse}]])),(PositionalParms)=(table([]))]); ProcessOptions := proc (parms::list, other::list, opts::table) return :-ProcessOptions(0,other,Statistics:.
I often find maple returning fractions of the following form: - (1/ (x-1)) This would look a whole lot nicer if maple could simplify it to the equivalent: 1/(1-x) I've tried various forms of simplify, breaking up the numerator and denominator then recombining them, etc., but I can't find a general way to do this. Is it possible to customize "simplify"'s notion of complexity?
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