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ok back again ! can maple do elasticity ? and cross elasticity let say I have,like the other example I use all the time. d(pc,pt)=2000+1000pt-2Pc and s(pc)=23pc now how can I do the cross- elasticity?(or do I just say the elasticity) of d(pt,pc) against pt. knowing that pt=4 and that pc=2. thank you very much ! peace ! p.s. : if you need more info please do tell.
how do I inverse my axes on my plot ? I have been looking in the ple help but I can't find anything. plot({d(p), s(p)}, p = 0 .. 50) how canI put (p) on the retical axe? thanks Jp
ok me again, I have this economic problem. Dc( pc , pt ) = 2000+1000*pt-2*pc Sc (pc) = 23*pc how can I plot this, and If I don't know what the value of (pt), can I still plot this? thank you so very much in advance.
how do I find the value of (p) that will make an equation equal to an other. ex: D(p):=82-0.75*p and S(p):=1.3*p how do I make maple find the answer. ( I know its way more easy by hand, but I would still like to know). thank you ! Jp
i have a equation such as : f(qa)= 75-0.4*qa^1.5 i would like to know how to know the maximum of qa when qb is 0 and vise versa. also how to plot a slope a a given point for example qa = 0 or 20.
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