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Hi all,

it seems to me that Maple is not able to simplify very simple equations, e.g. the one stored in "d" variable in the following example:


I have small script that uses syntax checker mint and latex command and latex to convert an expression in maple syntax to an image. But functional operators are causing me troubles.

Suppose I want to enter the equation  (x+1)*(x-1) and I forgot to use the star (*) for multiplication. The result (x+1)(x-1) is also correct because Maple thinks that I am using functional operator x. But I would like to evaluate this cas as wrong syntax. So I have to detect functional operators (somehow) but I don't want to detect operators such as +, -, * and so on.


i would like to find the Taylor expansion for specific functions but I would like to get the result in following form (for example):

1/((1-s)^(1/2)) = Sum( (2*k)!/(k!)^2*2^(-2*k)*s^k, k=0..infinity)

Is there a way how to get generic equation for n-th term of Taylor series?

Thank you.

I have a problem with Maple. I would like to compute following sum using differentiation:


This power series is convergent for x in (-1,1).





Now when integrating:



the result is: 1/2*arctan(t)-1/4*ln(t-1)+1/4*ln(t+1) .

The problem is that ln(t-1) is not defined for t in (-1,1). This is caused by integration of the equation:


which is

Hello, I am trying to draw a static plot in JSP (without java needed on client ). I am sure that the command is OK, I wrote it according the example in manual.
<maple:statement type="plot" height="200" width="400">plot(x*x,x=-1..1,y=0..1)</maple:statement>
But this error appears in browser:
MapleNet JSP Error Error in maple:statement (Reference # 1196078978052) cannot_convert_results Please try again.
I looked into logs and there is an error:
... 2007-11-26 13:09:37 StandardContext[/maplenet][org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl@6e82254d] maple: statement: to Maple -plot(x*x,x=-1..1,
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