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Hi, great news of these new version of Maple!

From the "what's new" page I have the impression there is nothing new in the physics package,  am I right?

@acer thank you again !  I see more clear now.


Dear @acer , thank you very much for your answer !

I understand a little bit more how Maple deals with this kind of typesettings. I hope that it was easier to program. Even if it is not extraordinarily complex.

Thanks again,


Dear Pr. @rlopez,

Thank you for your answer to my question. 

The exact thing that I want to do is the following :

1. define a function Utilde that takes 3 arguments: (r,t,n)

2. everytime that the function Utilde is evaluated in a triplet (v1,v2,v3) it returns the format : 

Thank you very much for your help !


@ecterrab  thank you very much for your answer !

Dear @Carl Love and @dharr

Thank you for your answers.

Carl's solution worked for me !  :)  (interface(typesetting= extended, prettyprint= 3):

Best regards,


Dear @dharr ,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, this is not working for me (cf below). I do not know why. I want to use special functions like MeijerG or FoxH.   I tried also the Typesetting:-RuleAssistant(); command but I didn't understand how to ask for the traditional notation. Does this mean that I need to specify it for every single special function?

Thank you all for your help ! :) 


@ecterrab Thank you for your answer. 

For the moment, the "palliative" option that I found to perform (in some sense) this type of visual replacement is :

@ecterrab May I ask you some help with this question  :


Many thanks, and congratulations on creating the Physics Package, it is fabulous ! 

@ecterrab I go to the help menu and write "Physics", then from that help page, on the right, there is the link entitled "Mini-Course Computer Algebra for Physicists", this is the link that is not working for me.

When working on Maple late on the night it is quite eye-stressing to use a white document. Having the possibility to switch to a dark theme could help a lot!

@ecterrab This is exactly what I was looking for! Many many thanks! I was sure that Maple can handle this easily (it is simply the most advanced software for solving differential equations, and more !) I need to learn more about how to use Maple. 



Many thanks for your answer @Carl Love. If you can, could you please show me how to use "dchange" to perform the same computation? I read the documentation but I find it not very clear and with very few examples :/ 

Thanks again!


@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks for your answer. Do you know if there is a more "automated way" to do it? Using a predefined function to transform coordinates from one system to another? Changecoords, PDEchange, dchange or something similar?  Maple's documentation is quite poor :( 

Thanks again for your answer !

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