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Hi !

I want to create a notation for a function, let's say :


such that when I ask for


Maple returns

fx,y(z) or anyother "nicer view" of that expression.

This is (I think) a similar action of replacing BesselJ(n,x) by Jn(x).

Many thanks for your answers !


Hi all, 

I am working with the physics package and I want to know if there is a difference between Physics:-CompactDisplay and PDEtools:-declare ?

As well as the difference between Physics:-Simplify and simplify.

For both cases, can they be used as the same ? Are they incompatible in some case?

Thanks !


I want to know if it is possible to use the declare command from the PDETools package for a function


and still, having the notation $\frac{\partial f}{\partial x}$ instead of $f_x$ for the Maple command %diff(f(x,y,z),x)

Thanks !


Dear all, 

I'm trying to enter an equation (Navier-Stokes) in Maple using the Physics[Vectors] package. I am having trouble with the term 

$(u\cdot \nabla) u$

but Maple returns an error when entering the commands :

( u_(t,x,y,z) . %Nabla) u_(t,x,y,z)

I tried other combinations of this without success, like :

( u_(t,x,y,z) . %Nabla)(u_(t,x,y,z))

( u_(t,x,y,z) %. %Nabla) u_(t,x,y,z)

( u_(t,x,y,z) %. %Nabla) (u_(t,x,y,z))

Could you please give me some help with this? 

Hi there! 

Do you know when the new version of Maple will be released? 

Do you think it might come with a "Dark Theme"? 



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