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Hi all,

Do you know how one can ask Maple to show expressions involving special functions using their"classical symbols" instead of the associated Maple's command ?

Thanks !


Hi, I am trying to enter into the Mini-Course Computer Algebra for Physicists from the help, but instead of going to the page I get the help page of Physics[FeynmanIntegral]. Can anyone confirm that this happens to them on Maple 2021.2?


Hi! 2 questions

1. I notice that the Curl operator of the VectorCalculus package can't compute the Divergence of a 2D vector field. Of course the most classical case is 3D, but it can also be defined for 2D. Is there any way in Maple to compute the Curl of a 2D vector field using the Curl command?

2. How one can extract the components of a VectorField ? I tried op, GetComponents (LieVectoFields package) etc... but I didn't find a simple answer on the help pages. 

e.g. V1 := VectorField(<-x, -y>, cartesian[x, y])

I want to get {-x,-y}

Many thanks !

Dear all, 

I am trying to use another notation for the inert differential operators in the Physics package (using alias), I am not getting the correct result. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue? Many thanks!


Dear all, do you know if there is a way to ask Maple and the Physics package to use the bold notation of vectors instead of using arrows? 

Thanks, Kevin

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