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Hello Simon,

You can submit a request to Maplesoft Technical Support using the webform:

or by sending an email to



The Typesetting Rule Assistant (in the View menu) should let you change how Re(x) appears in the output. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the rule for Re is working properly. I will submit a bug report to correct this.

Bill Laarakkers
Manager, Technical Support & Quality Assurance



With regards to LaTeX export - Maple itself is not a LaTeX editor.  So you may need to make some adjustments to the raw .tex file if it doesn't appear as expected after you compile it.

As for PDF export - I'm not aware of the problem you describe when using different fonts.  If you're still having problems would you be able to submit an example (either to this post or to Maplesoft Technical Support)?

Bill Laarakkers

You should be able to install Maple by running:


for the 32-bit version or


for the 64-bit version.

You shouldn't have any problems executing files that use the old .mws format in Maple's standard interface.  It's more likely a problem with the Maple code in the worksheet (see for example Top Ten Maple Errors).  However, if you'd like to try the Classic interface instead it is possible to install the 32-bit version of Maple on 64-bit Windows.

Just to close out this post - the user contacted Maplesoft Technical Support and some licensing issues were identified with the installation on this server.  These have been addressed, and this school will resume high-volume testing with Maple T.A. 4.0.  Maple T.A. installations can run from class-level sizes where a handful of students are tested at a time, to campus-wide installations where hundreds of students logon simultaneously.

One point that should be clarified - by default Maple T.A. limits the number of users that can login simultaneously to 80.  This is because on some operating systems PostgreSQL cannot handle more connections than this by default.  It is possible to increase the number of simultaneous users in Maple T.A. from the default of 80, but changes need to be made to Maple T.A., PostgreSQL, Tomcat, and possibly the operating system itself.  If anyone runs into difficulties making these changes I would suggest contacting Maplesoft Technical Support.


You can remove users from a class by going to "Actions - User Manager" from the Class Homepage. Then, go to "Actions - Remove Users" from the User Manager page.

You should be able to save to your Desktop using the path:


where username is the name of the user you're logged in with.  You might also find this recent post helpful

On Macintosh OS X the lib folder can be found here:



In MATLAB you would call the command like this:


>> maple('combine(sin(x)*cos(y)+sin(y)*cos(x))')
ans =
                                  sin(x + y)

Hello Eric,

It looks like the installer may have been corrupted during download.  Try using your download link to download the installer again.  If you're given the option to Run or Save the file I would suggest you save the file (e.g. to your Desktop) instead of running it directly.  You also might want to disable any download managing software that you might have running.


We have had reports that the Quick Help window ("Ayuda Rápida") is blank when the interface set to Spanish and we hope to correct this in a future Maple update or release.  For now you can open the help menu and search “quickhelp” which will provide you with two useful help pages.  One page will provide you with the black Quick Help box, while the other page will provide you with a more detailed version of the quick help page.  I hope this helps!

Maplesoft Support

The Mathematics Survival Kit is installed to your $HOME directory and you can launch it by opening the table of contents in Maple:


I apologize if you feel that you're being "blamed" Alex, but that certainly wasn't my intention.  We haven't received any other reports like yours, so I simply thought that a student forgetting to logout would be the most likely explanation.  We should be able to give you more information once we receive the snapshot of your system.


If you'd like you can send a snapshot of your system to support for investigation.  A snapshot consists of:

• a backup of the database
• the <mapleta>/records folder
• the Tomcat log files found in <tomcat>/logs

If you could supply the login names of Student A and Student B, along with the class and assignment that would also be helpful.


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