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There was a change in the way arguments are passed to Java in Maple 2015.  You will need to add the line:


to the file maplejava.l4j.ini located in

  C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS

That should fix the problem and allow you to run Maple 2015 with your Windows regional and language settings set to Turkish.

Maple T.A. 10 hasn't yet been tested with the new Edge brower, but I wouldn't expect any problems using Chrome.  Exactly what kind of problems are you running into?

You could try checking or un-checking the option for hardware acceleration to see if that fixes the problem.  You can find this under Tools – Options – Display.  Try adding or removing the checkmark in the box beside “Use hardware acceleration for plots”.

If you’re still having problems I’d suggest contacting Technical Support.  They would need to know what operating system you’re using, and maybe some additional information about your graphics card (e.g. the hardware manufacturer).  I hope this helps.


Hi Jason,


Currently it's only possible to download or upload files from the MapleCloud one file at a time.  I'll ask our product managment group if this is a feature we can add in a future release.


Manager, Project Office

It sounds like you need to change Maple's "launch.ini" file as described here:


The Print option should be available under the File menu.  After selecting Print you should see options for PDF and Print Preview in the new window that opens.

If you're not seeing these options, make sure you're selecting the File menu for Maple and not a different application.  That is, make sure that Maple 14 appears next to the Apple icon in the top menu bar not something else like Finder.

Hope this helps!


Hello Venky,

You might be missing the packages lsb-core and lsb-base.  If you go to the Synaptic Package Manager under System > Administration, you can search for the above packages and install them.  You can find more information in Maple's install.html document.

Hi Joe,

Reinstalling Maple wouldn't hurt.  Often times that can help with strange issues like this.  If that doesn't work you might want to try using the standard interface to see if that works better.

The standard interface can open both the older file type (.mws) and the newer file type (.mw).  You can also customize the standard interface to look and behave more “Classic-like”.  Here is how to do it:

  1. Select Tools -> Options (on a Mac, select Maple 14 -> Preferences).
  2. From the options window, click the Display tab.   Select Maple Notation from the “Input display” drop-down box.
  3. Click the Interface tab.   Select Worksheet from the “Default format for new worksheets” drop-down box.
  4. Click the “Apply Globally” button.

For the changes to take effect, you will have to quit and then restart Maple.  I hope this helps!


This is mentioned in the description section of the help page ?DifferentialGeometry,Tensor,RicciTensor.  The Ricci tensor is the contraction of R over the 1st and 3rd indices.


We received your email with the example that you sent technical support.  Someone from our support department or our Maple T.A. group will be in contact with you shortly.  Thanks again!


I have added this report to our bugs database.  Note that it is also possible to submit bug reports using the submit "Maple Software Change Request" link on the left-hand side of the page under Navigation.

Hello Paul

(1)  I'm not sure why the instructor would be taking the assignment in the first place, but you should be able to authorize additional attempts just as you would for students.  If the instructor tries to take a test and has already exceed the maximum number of attempts, they can click the "Request exception" button and use their own username and password to authorize another attempt.  Are you seeing something different (e.g. no "Request exception" button, an error message when the instructor clicks the button, etc.)?

(2) Questions can now be shared across all classes in the system with the Question Repository.  To prevent an instructor from accidentally overwriting the content of another instructor, uploading two .qu files with the same name (e.g. questions.qu) will not overwrite each other.  The easiest way to correct an error in a question is to locate the question in the Question Repository and select "edit" button.  You can then make the corrections in the Question Editor. 

(3)  It's possible that incorrectly editing the source could cause problems loading the question.  If you'd like you can upload the .qu file or email it to Maplesoft Technical Support and we can see if we can track down the problem.  Again the recommended way of editing a question is through the Question Editor.

(4)  Currently you need to click the + or - buttons to change the value of a question.  I will submit a feature request to see if this field can be changed in the future so that it accepts numbers from the keyboard.

It isn't clear what problems you're running into editing a "live" question using the Question Editor, but again if you could send us an example (through Mapleprimes, to Maplesoft Technical Support, or through your reseller) we can certainly have a look.

Bill L.

The shortcut on WIndows is <Ctrl>+<Shift>+_.  So on an international Macintosh keyboard this likely corresponds to
Command+Alt+_ (note that _ is the underscore key).

It's pretty obvious that there are some who don't like using 2D input in Maple.  And there's no problem with that - we're all free to choose which ever input type we like.  But I don't see why the problems in this post are blamed on 2D math.  I find the same result whether I use 2D or 1D input when I (incorrectly) insert a * or a space after Vector:

R := Vector*[r*sin(t), r*cos(t), r^2.*sin(t)*cos(t)]
R := Vector [r*sin(t), r*cos(t), r^2.*sin(t)*cos(t)]

I don't really see how using 1D input would solve the problem here.


This setting only effects the default behaviour of Maple Worksheets.  Maple Documents will still default to 2D math notation.  However, if you would also like to set Worksheet as the default format in Maple you can go to:

    Tools - Options - Interface

and change "Default format for new worksheets" to Worksheet


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