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@peacess You're welcome! 

@peacess If the file isn't there you can just create a new file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and add the required option.

Or you can use the maplejava.l4j.ini file inside the .zip file I've attached:

The original problem has been corrected in the latest 2015.2 update.  The update can be downloaded from the Maplesoft website ( or by going to "Tools - Check for Updates" in Maple 2015.

The 2015.2 update is now available on all platforms.  You can download the update from our webiste ( or by going to "Tools - Check for Updates" from the Maple 2015 menu.

@YHLien Sorry for the delay.  We expect the update to be available very shortly (possibly even later today).

@J F Ogilvie - If you're having difficulties applying the update I would suggest contacting our technical support department.  They should be able to help you apply the update or get you a new download link to install the program from scratch.  Please let them know which operating system you are using.


It isn't clear why MapleSim would be crashing when trying to run simulations.  I would suggest contacting our technical support group  ( and giving them as much information as possible (version of MapleSim, operating system, compiler information, etc.).  They should be able to work with you to resolve the issue.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the information.  I didn’t notice any problems with the Java installation at all after upgrading to Mavericks, but I have seen the activation issue on one computer here (but not on another).  I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but it looks like the FLEXlm licensing component is looking for a different hostid after the upgrade.   Typically the MAC address of the Ethernet card labeled “en0” is the one used for licensing and is the one encoded in the license.dat file.  However, after updating to Mavericks it appears FLEXlm is using the card labeled “en1” to authenticate on one of our machines (which is not the MAC address in the license.dat file).  I don’t know what would be causing this change in behaviour, but In any case re-activating Maple has solved the problem.

@Alejandro Jakubi 

The Java platform was developed at Sun (which merged with Oracle a few years back).  So I really think you would have more success with this implementation.  But if you insist on using only OpenJDK you could try updating your IcedTea plugin to a version based on OpenJDK7.  I haven’t tested this, but you may have more success using a current version.        

You could try using the version of Java supplied by Oracle to see if that helps:

As Andrew mentions here, Maplesoft will be working with the team at DigiArea to develop and distribute the Maple IDE.  When we have a version ready I will put it up on the Maplesoft beta forum for the Maple beta community to test.

Bill Laarakkers
Manager, Project Office

One possibility might be that a line in the worksheet is executing before the previous one is complete.  For example, if you have a restart command somewhere in the middle of the worksheet, it could be that the line after is running before the restart is fully complete.   Putting the restart command in its own execution group should solve a problem like this.  If you continue to run into problems you can find the contact information for support here:



@rightClick You should install the 32-bit version of Maple to use with the 32-bit version of Excel.  You won't be able to mix 32 and 64 bit versions of Maple and Excel.

The fix for Linux mentioned in the FAQ will be included in the next update (16.01).  The update is currently in beta, and should be released very soon.

Bill Laarakkers
Manager, Project Office

Hello Mich,

Representatives from our office in Germany have made several attempts to contact you by telephone, but unfortunately we have not been able to reach you.  Perhaps you could send an email to our Technical Support department ( and we can confirm your contact information and pre-arrange a time to talk.  Alternatively, if you'd like to reach our German office directly you can find the contact information here



Bill Laarakkers

Manager, Project Office



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