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Simulation Specialist for Dynamic Systems with Maple Classic and Modern Physics. Mathematical Modeling by Maple problems. Basic Science Teaching using ICT's. Business Data Analyst at Maple and MapleSim environment. Expertise in the development of mathematics with embedded components for mobile devices.

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With this application developed entirely in Maple using native syntax and embedded components for science and engineering students. Just replace your data and you're done.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple


Exercises solved online with Maple exclusively in space. I attach the explanation links on my YouTube channel.

Part # 01


Part # 02


Part # 03


Part # 04


Part # 05


Link for download the file:


Lenin AC

Ambassador of Maple




It is a very good computational tool to perform modeling and simulation using our world as a reference. You can also teach math knowing how to choose the right icons.
I recommend this software to everyone who wants to simulate objects or multibodies. In any case, knowledge of physics and mathematics, especially vector mechanics, is necessary.
Very grateful to the Maplesoft company for sharing their projects through the MapleSim gallery.

From now on all projects will be with Maple and MapleSim.

Lenin AC

Ambassador of Maple

This application solves a set of compatible equations of two variables. It also graphs the intersection point of the variable "x" and "y". If we want to observe the intersection point closer we will use the zoom button that is activated when manipulating the graph. If we want to change the variable ("x" and "y") we enter the code of the button that solves and graphs. In spanish.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

With this application, you visualize the DNA chain using the position vector as a fundamental tool to describe its curvature and radius of curvature. I also show the native maple syntax for the graphics. You can download the maple center app to show different DNA trajectories based on the position vector. Developed for students of health sciences.

k_adn.zip  (In spanish)


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

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