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Simulation Specialist for Dynamic Systems with Maple Classic and Modern Physics. Mathematical Modeling by Maple problems. Basic Science Teaching using ICT's. Business Data Analyst at Maple and MapleSim environment. Expertise in the development of mathematics with embedded components for mobile devices.

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These files contain the kinematics and dynamics of the solid using a new technique (ALT + ENTER) to visualize the results online and thus save space in our Maple worksheet. Seen from a relative approach. For engineering students. In Spanish.

Equations_of_movement_for_particle.mw  (Intro)



Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

The video shows the curvilinear components of acceleration in polar coordinates, radial and tangential scalar components. Applied to a structure; in a time interval; to finally be graphed and interpreted. For engineering students.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

Due to the mechanistic process of our students and little creativity in analysis in schools and universities to be professionally trained is that STEM education appears (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a new model that is being considered in other countries and with very slow step in our city. In this work the methods with STEM will be visualized but using computational tools provided by Maplesoft which is a company that leads online education for adolescents and adults in the current market. In Spanish.



Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

Using Maple's native syntax, we can calculate the components of acceleration. That is, the tangent and normal scalar component with its respective units of measure. Now the difficult calculations were in the past because with Maple we solved it and we concentrated on the interpretation of the results for engineering. In spanish.



Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple



Using the learning sequence as an alternative to learn problems related to "balance of a body" is shown in this video; thanks to the kindness that Maple offers us in its fundamental programming syntax.


Lenin Araujo

Ambassador Of Maple



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